Greetings from Vincent Nap – Haile-Selassie 1st

I’m proud to bring to you ‘The World Of Reggae’ according to I !

I love this website ting. It gives me the opportunity to chronicle my journey and career in the reggae music industry. It allows me to pay homage to other great, great artists both past and present that have had a formidable impact on the music that I love so much.

I get the opportunity to explore some of my other passions too.
My beautiful Caribbean for one. And I say Caribbean and not Jamaica, (which is the island of my birth) because I’m passionate about the whole region.

I talk about sport, cause I love my sports and I have always got a comment or two to make.

So I hope you feel comfortable in my home, and visit me regularly.

Jah Rastafari

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My Reggae Hall of Fame

What a joy it is to give a platform to and celebrate Reggae music’s greatest ambassadors.
Let me know if you concur with my conclusions. Also checkout what I have to say about the good and not so good happenings in the reggae music industry today.

Why I Love My Island So….

Whoa, when it comes to talking about why I love Jamaica so – I don’t know where to start!
Let me take you on a spiritual journey with me, as I share the experiences of my recent journey back to my glorious homeland.

Sports Corner

RIO 2016
The Rio Olympics is upon us! Just like the years before, the Caribbean have many athletes competing. It saddens me though that most of us do not even know many of the Caribbean athletes. Therefore we are not able to give them our much needed support.
I’m going to let you know who is competing and in what events. Together we are going to build global support for our athletes.

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I’ve included this section so that i could share some videos I find that I think are worth sharing.

I stumbled across this video whilst researching the legendary ‘Big Youth’, I liked it….